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If you are in the state of Texas and filing for a wholesale account, please download a copy of the Texas Sales Tax Use Resale Certificate Form: Tax Form. You must fill it out in it's entirely, sign, scan and email back before we can activate your account.
CAUTION: Please keep all products out of the reach of children and pets. Should any fragrance be swallowed, contact your poison control center.
YOU are responsible to keep your products under control!

We love to talk!
  • Give us a call if you need help setting up your business. 
  • We can advise what you need to do and even help you with your website or where to go for help in picking out a shopping cart.

We are here to assist you with many things, including:

  • Answering any questions you have about the new shopping cart system
  • Walking you through setting up your new login. This will allow you to track your orders and see your history.
  • Assisting you in making beads, purchasing products
  • How to set up your business:
    • How do I get my sales tax certificate? 
    • Do I need Liability Insurance for my business?
    • What does it mean to me if I get an LLC?
    • How do I get cheaper shipping rates if I am a business at home?
SPECIAL NOTES:  All PayPal addresses must be confirmed before we ship to 
    you. Otherwise we are not covered should your payment not go through. 
    Should a product you buy not be showing, it may be that it is currently "out of stock."

Thanks for shopping with us!
If you are shipping overnight, you must notify us!
What Differentiates Us
Aroma Beads On Line offers top quality beads at a discounted rate.  We don't have overhead like the larger companies out there. 

We can give you great customer service and offer you custom products that most other companies may not be able to give you. From other companies you may receive "off the shelf" stocked items.  We will custom-make every order to your specifications. 

We promise that your order will be "fresh" when it arrives.  We will try to price match with verification of pricing of your lower price.

Returns:  Insurance claims must be made within 48 hours of found damage.  Not liking a fragrance or color or deciding you don't want the product, does NOT qualify for a return of merchandise.  All packages are insured.  Two options are available: 
To file a claim, we must have you submit a picture of the original damage, shipping label and original packing. FedEx and the postal service require the packages be returned them directly with the entire contents. We must have full notification. 
Upon claim being filed, we will return your money if we receive it from FedEx or the postal service, minus your shipping cost.
If you do not wish to file a claim, then the damaged portion must be returned to us in full so we may inspect it to see what caused the damage.  This is standard policy with any corporation.  We DO NOT just go on the customer's opinion of damage.  Do not ask us to take a product back because you decided you didn't want it. Once your card has been charged on-line, we will NOT take the product back or return your money.

You have a right to purchase a small amount of product to see if you like it and how it works.  Because you do NOT like it, does not mean we will return your money or replace your product.  Replacement of product would only be done if you can prove something was wrong with the product.  We are NOT responsible for oils that you use with our beads,  We test all of our oils and our products.
Shipping is non-returnable if you make a mistake and chose an incorrect shipping method!
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