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How to Decorate Air Freshener Paper Shapes & Sachet Cards

Air Freshener Shapes:

  • Brush shape with food color, soap dye, or poster paint and allow to dry thoroughly.
  • Apply fragrance by spraying, dropping on with pipettes (that is how we do it) You may paint on with an inexpensive paint brush.  We don't recommend dunking or soaking, since oversaturating the material with fragrance results in greasy fresheners and will require blotting,which wastes fragrance oil!
  • Stamping normally will not work, "IF" you are adding oils.  It only works if you are not adding oils. Always sample your item first. 
  • Glue rhinestones or  

      1. Your paper ornaments will come with a hole already punch, unless you ask for them to come plain.

      2. Cut a piece of string, elastic, thread, yarn, raffia or ribbon to the desired length, and thread it through hole at top, knotting ends securely.

      3. ***OPTIONAL*** - package completed air freshener by putting it in a flat cello bag, fold down the top, and staple or tape it closed.  You can also use a label to seal it, or staple a foldover header card or a business card to the top of the bag.

      Sachet cards
      Create wonderful sachet cards. Many uses available.  Quick easy directions.  Store in cellophane bags for optimal freshness. Although we do not offer it, you can sometimes purchase a special sachet card oil. 
      Shapes coming soon.  Buy, fragrance and paint for fundraising or personal use. Easy money maker, great profits!
      Can be custom-made for your fundraiser!