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How to Use Mica and Pigment

How to use Mica and Pigments when making aroma beads.

Below are florescent pigment powders.

** Always remember to use pigment and mica in a well ventilated area. Do NOT inhale!
All Mica and Pigment powders come with a wide mouth container and a measuring spoon.  Super easy to use.
When you purchase mica or pigments, you get them in a container that comes with a spoon.

Use 1-2 spoons of pigment, per pound of beads.  
*Remember, pigment goes a LONG way.

Pigments can make it take a bit longer to bake your beads, so do NOT put in too much pigment.  
When you add the pigment, use the spoon to put the powder into the oil. 

  1. Add 1-2 spoons (Spoon provided) to your oil. (1 ounce for 8 oz of beads/2 oz for 1 lbs of beads)
  2. MIX WELL!  You can also use a chop stick to mix the powder.
  3. Add your 1/2 to 1 pound of beads, depending on how much you are making.
You will have a residue left in the container.  It will wash out.  
Also easy to clean up with a bleach wipe or wet paper towel, if you spill it.

Shake, Shake, Shake.  When the jar is free from beads on the side, it is time to cure your beads.
Remember, it can extend the time of baking when powder is added and it can reduce the fragrance.

Using Mica:
You can also mix mica and pigments together.
Use the provided spoon to add mica to your oil in the same way as above.
DO NOT OVER USE MICA, thinking it will look all pretty and shiny, as too much WILL weaken the plastic
and cause it to melt in the heat.

You can add mica afterwards to the beads too.  As before, do not over use mica or pour directly on the beads!

Let us know if you have any further questions.