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What are Aroma Beads?

What are aroma beads?

Aroma Beads are small, plastic beads that absorb color and fragrance oil.  They are used for many things; cars, drawers, shoes, lockers, cabinets, etc.  They are a unique mixture made with uncut fragrance oils or essential oils.  Added essential oils may be used for those with allergies or those who want a more natural remedy.  They have added medicinal benefits.  They are not to be used for your body, but as a home decor item or an aroma therapy product.  The unique mixture of items absorb the scent and leave the beads with a wonderful aroma.  They are stronger than conventional potpourri.  For best results, use in a concentrated area. 

Aroma Beads are highly scented and brilliantly colored.  
Aroma beads are great for wedding favors, closets, gym bags, shoes, luggage, lingerie drawers & kids lockers.  
Aroma beads have the scent of a candle without the danger of burning a flame.
Think of your own use for these wonderful aroma beads!  Stronger than conventional potpourri.  You can just place them in a bowl, organza bag or mix them with your current potpourri.
Each mixture of aroma beads is made individually to harmonize with a scent and color.  
Aroma beads make wonderful marketing gifts, wedding, shower and party favors. 
Aroma Beads can be tailored to your favorite colors and scents. 

If you need something different than what you see, please ask us. We are very accommodating.
We have Many scents available.