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How to Make Aroma Bead Ornaments

How to Make Aroma Beads for Air Freshener Ornaments
  1. Make your aroma beads as you normally would.
  2. Beads should be cured at least 3-8 days after making.  The fragrance will only last about a week, if cooked immediately after drying.
  3. Preheat oven to 325-350 degrees. You will have to test your oven to see what works best for you. (We now use 340 degrees in the summer.)
    (BE SURE OVEN IS COMPLETELY HEATED!) Do NOT put the filled cookie cutters in before the oven is totally heated.
    * If you are doing this for the first time, Just make only 1-2 molds to try out the    
       oven first.
  4. ***WE HIGHLY SUGGEST you use a silicone mold spay to spray your molds first. You can get from Michael's.
    Using powders can make the beads stick more to the molds.
  5. Cut a piece of parchment paper to fit your cookie sheet. You may also use a teflon stick-free cookie sheet.  You can get a cookie sheet at the dollar store too.
    (Parchment paper is what they use for cheese cakes. You can get it where they sell waxed paper.) 
  6. * This is optional but will help protect your cookie sheet and also works great if you drop the beads.  Just fold to funnel back to your container.
  7. Place cookie molds on cookie sheet. Use the same size at the same time so they cook evenly!

Unless you are looking for a particular pattern, use the thin of the cutter down against the cookie sheet. They are easier to pop out after cooling. This is optional. They will pop out either way.  Be cautious with specific shapes, as it may make a difference to the side you Texas or any state!

  1. Place a roofing nail where you want a hole to be. We offer them on our site.
  2. Pour beads around the nail into cookie molds, about ¾ - 7/8  full. Try to be sure they are packed in.  You can tap them with your finger or lightly tap the beads in the mold with a flat object.  Chop sticks work well or the back side of a small spoon.They stay together better and will not peak at the top edges as much.
    Note: Using a chop stick helps evenly push the beads around.

filled mold nails
* The longer you cook them, the more they peak. Do not overcook! If you overcook, they will NOT come out of the molds! 
Try to remove from molds while still a bit warm.  Makes it easier to come out!

  1. Bake for  6-10  minutes, depending on the size and thickness of your ornament. However, your oven could take 9 minutes if it does not heat correctly.  Every oven is different, so TEST TEST TESTDo not over cook!
  2. You will know if you overcooked them because they will have huge pokey peaks on them!
    **The smaller the ornament the shorter the cooking time.
    (NOTE:  Test the cooking time.  Do not start off with making an entire batch, if you have never done them before!)
    DO NOT cook different sizes molds together. They will not cook evenly.
  3. Pull tray out of the oven to cool.
  4. Wait about 2-4 minutes and move the cookies on the sheet to loosen them so air can get to the bottom.

In about 8-10 minutes, while cookies are still a little warm, pop the cookies out of the molds starting at the thin end of the cookie mold to loosen.  Place your thumbs at the thick end and push inward to pop out the air fresheners through the side without the ridge.  After they are loosened and removed, let them cool completely. 

DO NOT leave them in the molds for a very long time. You may have problems getting them out and please DO NOT put them in the freezer, as some recipes suggest! They won’t come out of the molds.

  1. If you have used flat nails in your cookie molds,, simply push the sharp side against something hard. I use the cookie sheet. Theey will come right out! 
  2. If you have not used a nail ... After cooled completely, use a small portable drill to drill hole in the ornament. Please remember to use a block beneath it and HOLD the ornament while drilling.
  3. Drill from both sides to make the hole the correct size. Bore the hole with the drill so it is round and large enough.  Use the drill in a circular motion as if you are scraping out a bowl, but do not pull it out, just circle wider.
  4. We use a 3/16 drill bit.
Use a stretch loop to tie and a cellophane bag for packaging. Cellophane WILL hold the fragrance in, Zip lock bags will contaminate the fragrances if you have them stacked together and the fragrance will go right through the bag.
Have fun!  Let us know if you have any questions.