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Be Patient!  Please allow 3-5 business days for processing orders. (May be less.)

We are being as cautious as we can during the Coronavirus.  COVID 19!

We are still direct shipping, but not accepting any pick up orders at this time!

Pickup activities will resume, when we are clear to do so.
Thank you and PLEASE Be safe.  Wash your hands and use sanitizer! 
Let us know if you need sanitizer.

Stay in if you do not have to be out.
Mail or ship your orders!

Everyone welcome! 
You DO NOT have to have a business to purchase!

We invoice ALL orders. Helps shipping cost. Let us know when your cart is ready!

Please be advised...
Our store is open for ordering: we have changed our checkout process to save you money in shipping.  ([email protected])
Contact us via email or phone to check out.  We accept PayPal or credit card.  You will be sent an invoice!

Log in to your account, shop and put things in your cart.  We can ONLY see what you order, "IF YOU HAVE LOGGED IN".   
Send us an email or give us a call when you are ready to check out. You cannot check out yourself!

If your email is not valid or phone number unreachable, We WILL Cancel your order!
Phone number and email must be on ALL correspondence and CRMs!
If you use a different name, we must know or we cannot locate your order.
Please tell us!

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