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Everyone welcome! 
You DO NOT have to have a business to purchase!

The store will be opening when we return to our facility. 

Please be advised...the website is currently open, however, the checkout section is  closed, due to recent flooding in the area.  We are slowing getting back to orders and are filling as we can.
You can log in to your account, shop and put things in your cart for us to see but just cannot checkout at the moment. We can however checkout for you on your orders. We promise to return to business soon!.  We are NOT permanently closed!  Feel free to send us an email or give us a call when your order is complete and you are ready to check out.

We can send you an invoice via PayPal or send  credit card invoice. Drop us a line when ready.

Thank you for your understanding.

Aroma Beads Online

Under 4 lbs? Ship USPS Priority!

                                                  If you email is not valid or phone number unreachable,
                                                           We WILL Cancel your order if we cannot reach you!

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4 oz empty bottle w/lid
Gallon Pump (38/400)
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