What are Aroma Beads?


What are aroma beads?


Aroma Beads are small, plastic beads that absorb color and fragrance oil.  They are used for many things; cars, drawers, shoes, lockers, cabinets, etc. 


The ingredients used to manufacture aroma beads can vary slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer but basically the difference is they are either top of the line (prime) or ones that are not so prime but work just as well, for half the price. They can vary sightly in size by the type of machine used to spit them out.  Buyers don't normally have a choice in this unless they order them special, which is an extreme cost.  Most of your customers are not going to notice the slight differences in beads, especially if you are melting them for ornies.


Beads that are a finished product  are a unique mixture made with uncut fragrance oils or essential oils.  Adding essential oils may be used for those with allergies or those who want a more natural remedy.  They have added medicinal benefits however sometimes the fragrance may not last as long.  They are not to be used for your body, but as a home decor item or an aroma therapy product.  The unique mixture of items absorb the scent and leave the beads with a wonderful aroma.  They are stronger than conventional potpourri.  For best results, use in a concentrated area. 

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