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Wood Disk for Scenting

Wood Disk for Scenting

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Unscented Wood Disk  (single disk)  Used for air freshener.  (THESE DISKS ARE UNSCENTED.)

Scented disks go for as high as $8.99 and up or you can include droppers of oil for resenting.

Great new Re-scentable disk.  Just drop on your favorite oil with pipette or soak (dry it) and place anywhere you want scent; car, closet, gym locker, drawer.  Add oil when needed.  We suggest you let dry overnight or an extra day.  You may also place a clear printed label on top.  One affixed, do not remove or it will not re-stick to your disk. 

COMES PACKAED if you order with coiled hanger and 1 Dram oil bottle.

Can order with or without a drilled hole at the top or with coiled hanger with ring.  ** The coils do stretch and will NOT maintain the exact size they come as, once wrapped around something.  Wood has varied patterns of grains. None are alike. Oil may darken the wood.  These are smooth, unfinished and perfectly round. ** May have small blemishes.  Part of the character. We have no control over it.

You may hang with string or place in container, if using in a drawer.  Do not place directly on anything or on clothes, without container or hanging, so oil does not transfer or ruin finish.  There is fragrance oil on it.

3 disks will fit into our new containers.

*** Please use caution if drilling your own holes.  We cannot be responsible for your lack of caution.  ALWAYS wear eye gear when drilling!) ***

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