Ever try pigments or micas to color your beads? Great way to change up your colors! 
Make your colors more pastel with mica powders.  Just add the mica to your fragrance oils and swish to mix.  Add beads as usual.  
Mica is mixed evenly on the beads.  Want more, add a little after than are dry.
It is a lot easier and cleaner than using dyes.  Just wipe up any mess with a bleach wipe.

Pigments are fun, especially neon colors.  Add as much as you like, maybe 1/4 to 1/3 of a teaspoon to start.  
YOU MUST MIX IT UP WELL! Swish it n your container until all the powder is dissolved and then add your beads and shape up as usual..
DO NOT leave any clumps in the oil.

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