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Unscented AROMA BEADS™ Prime Resin ONLY! 10 LBS. Ships Flat Rate USPS Shipping (READ DESCRIPTION!)
Unscented Prime Aroma Beads

Unscented AROMA BEADS™ Prime Resin ONLY! 10 LBS. Ships Flat Rate USPS Shipping (READ DESCRIPTION!)

Flat Rate USPS for 10 lbs of beads ONLY!

* Important Information:

* Does not apply to wholesale pricing!

Please Be Advised:

* Price Includes $14.00 Flat Rate Shipping!



AROMA BEADS™ Prime Resin: These beads are oval in shape and a bit flatter than the round one. They are not big. They work great!

10 lb. Flat Rate USPS  (This is for the United States only.)

(Flat Rate of shipping, included in price. NO WHOLESALE PRICING. Postal rates went up 1/27/19)
AROMA BEADS™ Prime Resin are top quality beads.  They are not mixed with off plastic beads. You will not get any all white beads when coloring.

NOTHING SHIPS WITH THIS Box! Aroma Beads Only. Anything added will charge additional shipping! You can still choose.

This shipping method is USPS Flat Rate. You cannot choose any of the other 10 lb specials for this.

It is recommended that the melt temperature be kept below 210°C as decomposition can occur at higher temperatures. 
CAUTIONPlease remember beads are slippery to walk on if spilled.  Please clean up immediately to avoid falls.  
Keep out of the reach of children and pets!  

Thank you.

Unscented AROMA BEADS™ Prime Resin
Buy per pound.  Approx 3 cups = 1 pound. Pricing is PER POUND.
These will bake at 325 to 350 degrees.  Always test your product and your oven.
Price listed is "for FedEx Flat Rate - Shipping included in price!.
Cure well, melt well.  All beads are tested before being sold.
Please test your own oven for baking times and temperatures. 
We are NOT responsible for your testing!

Please be sure to test your oven if making air fresheners. Every one is different, as are your ovens.  You are responsible for your own testing. 
Some bags have string pieces. They cannot be avoided and come from factory when the beads are made.  
They do NOT make beads weigh more, Just pull them out!

We have NO CONTROL over the weather!  It is HOT in the South.  If making ornies, do NOT place directly in the car window. 
If you can melt them n an oven, How hot do you think your car gets?
Don't blame us~!

Larger amounts available. See our 55 pound bags
Don't know how to make them?  See our recipe catagory: "How to Make Aroma Beads" page on our main site. 
NOTE: REMEMBER, it takes longer to cure beads in colder weather.
Vanilla based fragrances, leather and thicker fragrances will also take longer to cure.
Made with current aroma beads 

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