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UltraMarine Blue
UltraMarine Blue

UltraMarine Blue

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* Important Information:

Please read warning!
UltraMarine Blue Pigment Powder- This is a pigment powder, not mica. Non toxic.
Consistency of packed powder. 

This radiant blue pigment is the only color that has been fired to get this vibrant color. It is composed of 90% earthen clay and 10% man-made, non-toxic minerals, and it is heated in an oven to a high temperature.

The composition of the mineral is Si4O10(OH)2Mg3 
Throughout history, blues in nature were very rare and usually made with precious stones like Lapis Lazuli. These stones are now unsustainably harvested in Afghanistan, so we have found this beautiful, non-toxic and sustainably-made alternative. Origin - France / Lightfastness - Excellent

May leave slight residue in container. Just rinse when completed.

All powders come in their own containers, NOT hard to use bags, like other companies.

MIX WELL BEFORE adding beads!  The colors are brilliant!

You MUST MIX WELL!  Please do not spray the product with alcohol.  Do not use in candle wax.

Use care when handling any dry pigment.
Avoid inhaling pigment dust.
Our pigments are not sold for cosmetic, pharmaceutical, tattoo ink or food use.

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