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New Fragrance Oils
New Fragrance Oils

New Fragrance Oils

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New Fragrances  (1-2 oz available at this time only.)

Check out our New Fragrances!   The time is limited!  We reserve the right to limit quantities.  These are new so let us know what you think about these before we order too much.

NEED A LARGER Quantities?  See the regular Fragrance size section.

1 oz: $2.75
2 oz: $5.00
Limited amounts available of some of the fragrances, until we see how they do!  You will be the judge!.  
Remember, if you order too much and we do not have it, the fragrance or difference will be substituted with another fragrance! Choose carefully, your money will NOT be refunded.  If you are not sure, email us and ask how much we have left!

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