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Mica/Dry Powder Sprayer
Mica Sprayer

Mica/Dry Powder Sprayer

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New Mica Powder Sprayer

Dimensions: 4.5"x 1.25"
Material: PETG Plastic
Holds about 1 oz.

Perfect for mica, dry powders & fine glitters.  Adds shimmer to the top of your soap or car freshener.
Includes 1 set: bottle & powder spray top.  Mica or powder is not included.
Not recommended for use with pigments and oxides. (You can try but may not work properly)

Put the mica powder in the sprayer and turn the locking top to the spray position. Press the top to spray the glitter or mica.

Large micron glitters will NOT work with the sprayer.  Best if used with 200 microns or less.

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