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Mica & Pigment Powders

Mica Powder and Pigment Measurements  (By Weight, NOT Volume)

SEE NEONS, for Neon Colors!

BE ADVISED: These will very on the amounts provided, as some are lighter than others.

Mica powder is VERY light and encompass a lot more than you may think.  Some mica's come with a shaker container. Not much mica or pigment is needed for aroma beads.  
Micas can glitter and pigments apply color. Please remember they do change the original color of the beads.  Mica powder is light so please use proper precautions for loose powders. 
4.5 grams:  0.158 oz
5 grams:     0.176 oz
6.5 grams:  0.229280 oz
13 grams:   0.45 oz

30 gram is equal to 1 ounce
60 grams is equal to 2 ounces