How to Mix Your Own Colors

Primary colors cannot be made - Red, Blue, Yellow
  • Seafoam - 1 to 2 drops aqua and 3 drops honeydew
  • Green - Blue and yellow
  • Black -  You cannot make black.  To get a black candle, use black liquid candle dyes or black powered candle dyes.  20 + drops must be used
  • White -  no color
  • Orange -  yellow and red
  • Gold - 2 to 3 drops yellow to 1 drop honey golden
  • Pink - Simply use red, but in small quantities in your candles or beads
  • Ivory -  Use a tiny amount of brown or a touch of gold mica power or bronze mica.
  • Burgundy - red and add a small amount of black (too much black makes a grayish burgundy)
  • Brown -   yellow, blue and red
  • Mauve/Plum - drop of burgundy
  • Purple - red and blue (equal parts make a blue/red purple)
  • Teal -  blue and green
  • Cinnamon -  brown with a little red
  • Sage - green with a little brown
  • Navy Blue -  Blue with a little black
    (too much black makes it more silver blue)
  • Peach - small amount of orange with a toothpick drop of pink and yellow
  • Hunter Green -  Green with a little black added to it
    (too much black makes it a silver green
  • Burnt Orange -  Orange with a drop or two of brown

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