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Florescent  Color Set (4) 1 oz jars

Florescent Color Set (4) 1 oz jars

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* Important Information:

Please read warning!

Please Be Advised:

Colors include: blue, yellow, green, pink
Neon Pigment Color Set (4 jars) - This is a pigment powder, not mica. 
4, 1 oz containers.

This comes with 4 colors in their own container. No more getting your hands dirty. Easy to use.
Each Container is 1 ounce with a small spoon for measuring.  (More than you think.) Perfect for traveling.
  • Salmon/Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green *may be substituted for Lime)
  • Pink
All powders come in their own containers, NOT hard to use bags, like other companies.

MIX WELL BEFORE adding beads!  The colors are brilliant!

Warning: This color is particularly sensitive to high temperatures. If it is overheated it will clump and that clumping is irreversible.  This means you MUST MIX WELL!  The pigment is also sensitive to exposure to alcohol. If you spritz it with alcohol, it will clump at any temperature. Please do not spray the product with alcohol.  

Use care when handling any dry pigment.
Avoid inhaling pigment dust.
Our pigments are not sold for cosmetic, pharmaceutical, tattoo ink or food use.

May be used in hot and cold process soap.

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