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DPG 1 0z
DPG 1 0z

DPG 1 0z

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DPG: Dipropylene glycol

Non odor, used in cosmetics and fragrances.

DPG 1 oz can be used with Essential Oils and Crystal Potpourri. Helps to smooth out the oils in the crystal potpourri.  Essential oils can cure too quickly.  Helps to slow down the process of curing. It is not needed for normal fragrance oils.

May also be used when making Eucalyptus scented beads.  Eucalyptus has a tendency to stick together.  It helps smoothing out the curing process.  When using Eucalyptus oil, fragrance or E/O with beads, do not leave for more than a short period of time, as they will stick together.

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