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These are items that we have chosen not to sell anymore. There are nothing wrong with them.  We are just not selling them anymore.

  • Closeout Fragrances
    Closeout Fragrances These are fragrances we have chosen not to sell anymore. There is nothing wrong with them. They are just not our top sellers and decided to move them from our list. First come first serve. We have the right to replace with another fragrance, if we run out, as you are ordering. What a great way to purchase if you are just starting out!
  • Closeout Products
    These are closeout products. Never know what we may be offering here. Check back regularly for items. Thank you.
  • What's Left?
    COMING SOON! Fragrances that only have a little left. Nothing wrong with them, just don't sell them anymore. They will not be restocked. Great for the beginner or for samples.
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