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Air Freshener Paper Shape Blanks (limited quantities)
Butterfly Circles

Air Freshener Paper Shape Blanks (limited quantities)

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Air Freshener Paper Shapes - (All air fresheners come hole punched.)

We have limited supplies but we can get larger amounts.  Please ask.

Air freshener paper shapes for scenting with oil or decoration. These are great for school project and kids to decorate for the holidays.

Great paper air fresheners for scenting & designing.  Remember, these are cut from paper so there me be occasional marks on the paper, but normally they are not seen.

  • Many different shapes, all are white and come with an embossed designs (EXCEPT FOR BASEBALL CAP & AWARENESS RIBBON: THEY ARE PLAIN). 
  • If you do not chose a pattern, one will be provided to you, unless chosen as blank. Just drop on the oil of your choice and package or hang in car, closet and wherever you would like. 
  • Oil does not stain paper and dries clear. 
  • These are fairly thick so they do not bend easy.
  • Scalloped ones work great as coasters.
  • Hang in your cold air return

Safety with Air Fresheners:
Please bear in mind that if you're making car air fresheners either out of aroma beads or paper you can be ticketed for obstruction of view if you have something too large hanging from your rearview mirror.  Please check your state laws. The pre-cut shapes were sized specifically with safety in mind (exceptions are noted in the product descriptions) - but if you will be making car fresheners, it is your responsibility to research the maximum sizes considered to be safe in your area (or the areas where you will be marketing them).

Styles Available: Not all shapes listed (New Ones Coming!)
Awareness Ribbon:  5.25" H x 2.75" W
Baseball Cap: 2-1/2" H x 4-5/8" W
Butterfly: 4" H x 3" W
Circle: 3" across
Cross:  5 1/8"H x 3 7/8" W
Cowboy Boot:   4.75" H x 4" W
Hearts:  3.25" H x 3.5" W
Scalloped Circle  - Coaster Type: 3.25" W across

  1. Brush shape with food color, soap dye, or poster paint and allow to dry thoroughly.

  2. Apply fragrance by painting on with an inexpensive paint brush.  We don't recommend dunking or soaking, since oversaturating the material with fragrance results in greasy fresheners and will require blotting, which wastes fragrance oil!

  3. Punch a hole at the top with a small METAL office-type paper punch, ice pick, awl, or large needle.  Plastic scrapbook punches may break, due to the thickness of the material.

  4. Cut a piece of string, elastic, thread, yarn, raffia or ribbon to the desired length, and thread it through hole at top, knotting ends securely.

  5. ***OPTIONAL*** - package completed air freshener by putting it in a flat cello bag, fold down the top, and staple or tape it closed.  You can also use a label to seal it, or staple a foldover header card or a business card to the top of the bag.

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