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Crystal Rock
Large Crystal Rocks

Crystal Rock

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Make your own Crystal Rock Potpourri
Only 30 lbs per box is the largest amount we can ship. It cannot have other items in the box, due to weight. We can send more but not in the same box.
These are the larger crystal potpourri. There will always be some smaller rocks within the package. We have no control over how they arrive to us.

(Rocks may be mixed with different sizes and vary from large to small. Rocks are perfect for burners.)
<<< All rocks are strained for dust, however, please remember there will still be some settling from shipping. >>>
<<< These crystal rocks are Non- refundable>>>  
Shaking Method: Place 1 pound of unscented crystal rocks in Glass Jar or HDPE plastic container. Add 1 teaspoon of Glycerin & 1/4 oz. of Di-Propylene Glycol DPG (optional)  This helps to evenly coat the rocks with dye & fragrance. Add 5 to 10 drops of liquid dye-more or less depending on your shade preference (candle dye, FD&C dye or liquid food coloring will work.  We recommend candle dye). Add 1/2 oz. to 1.5 oz. of fragrance oil (your preference). Shake vigorously until evenly coated. Allow to soak for at least 24 hours, shaking often. 
  • You may leave remaining liquid in crystals. Can be used in burners.
  • Spread out rocks on thick cardboard or newspaper to dry.  (Drying is optional, but highly recommend, due to the fact that the dye & oil will stain fabrics & surfaces). Please use gloves. After drying, add mica powder for sparkle & extra flair! Spraying Method: Lay unscented rocks on cardboard, spread evenly.
  • Mix liquid dye with glycerin & rubbing alcohol in spray container. Spray rocks until evenly coated. Continue this step until you have reached your desired color. Allow to dry. Add 50% fragrance oil mixed with 50% DPG (optional) to spray container and evenly coat rocks. 
  • You may also strain crystals to preserve oils and use again.
Shipping: Crystals can settle during shipping and cause some minor residue at teh bottom of the box.  Be rest assured, we do our best to remove any excess before shipping.




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