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Air Fresheners

Air Fresheners

Air Fresheners are great for cars, closets, lockers, luggage and
especially party favors. 

We have new WOOD AIR FRESHENERS now!
Put them in your containers or get the one with a hole and hang it in your car, closet or at your desk.

We do make the round refill air fresheners.  Easy as can be and safe in your car.  No melting off a string or damage to your car.

Sachets available for air fresheners and stores.
Just ask us!


  • Air Freshener Spray
    Air Freshener Spray Air Freshener Spray/Linen Spray. Helps with strong home and car orders. Great for real estate people, car washes, gift shops and just for your home or office!
  • Wood Disks Wood Disks
    Wood disks for scenting /Scented wood disks
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